Instant Connection with Guitar Lessons


My son has thoroughly enjoyed his guitar lessons with Josh Mills. When we first met Josh, my son instantly connected and liked him. Josh started out wanting to learn how to play guitar for the same reason my son wanted to learn – love of classic rock.

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Gifted musician, equally gifted instructor!


We are truly grateful to Josh for his continued patience and outstanding methods in teaching our son to play acoustic guitar. He has kept our son motivated, engaged, and moving forward in his studies from day one.

Deborah Dauber
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A Fantastic Instructor for Both Children and Adults


With my daughter’s positive experiences with Josh as her piano instructor, I decided as an adult to realize a dream and began taking piano lessons from Josh as well. He is equally adept at working with adults and children, and he has helped me realize the dream of playing piano.

Eva Biediger
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Structured, yet Relaxed


My daughter has been taking guitar lessons with Josh for the past year and a half. His structured yet relaxed manner of teaching has allowed her to progress quickly. Josh’s enthusiasm towards teaching and constant encouragement have instilled my ten year old with a love of music and the guitar.

I would highly recommend Josh to others looking to learn an instrument!

Tiffany Loftus
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One of the Best Teachers I’ve Ever Had


Without guitar I wouldn’t be able to see the beauty of music as I do today, and that’s because of Josh. I’m sure many more would would agree. I am motivated by Josh not to give up playing guitar, and I don’t plan on stopping for a long time! He has been one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.

Jeremy Rodriguez
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Professional and Knowledgable


Professional in his manner, communication, mentoring skills with children and adults, and devotion to a process of life-long learning, personal scholarship and development of his own musical and teaching abilities, I highly recommend Josh as a guitar teacher for students of all ages.

Elizabeth Johnson
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Great Instructor


Our son played the piano before and he had a great instructor that he liked. Last year he wanted to play the guitar and Josh Mills was recommended as instructor. We were doubtful that he would like playing the guitar but decided to give it a try. Josh turned out to be a great instructor and our son is really enjoy playing his guitar.

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Great Guitar Teacher


Josh Mills has been teaching my son guitar for a year. My son is 12 and tends to lose interest in hobbies very quickly. But Josh has sparked and kept my son’s interest for over a year! That is no small feat.

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Thank you Josh for a great learning experience!


Under his tutelage my granddaughter learned so many different techniques, and the best part is she really enjoyed learning everything he’s taught. He’s truly a wonderful musician and a great instructor. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Dianna Rawls
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Wonderful teacher!


Josh Mills has been teaching my sons ages 10 and 12 for almost 2 years; Josh does a terrific job teaching and encouraging the boys to progress.

Shannon Burchett
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Encouraging and Thoughful


My daughter has learned a great deal for having taken lessons for less than a year! Josh is encouraging and takes a very thoughtful approach to his instruction. My daughter looks forward to her weekly guitar lesson with enthusiasm.

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Fantastic Guitar Teacher


Our son has been taking music lesson (guitar) from Josh for almost a year now. Our son has initially no interest in guitar. Last year, when our son played guitar in front of people, we thought that was a big deal for our him. We are thankful to Josh for that achievement!

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