Instructor | Performer

Great Guitar Teacher


Josh Mills has been teaching my son guitar for a year. My son is 12 and tends to lose interest in hobbies very quickly. But Josh has sparked and kept my son’s interest for over a year! That is no small feat.

Thank you Josh for a great learning experience!


Under his tutelage my granddaughter learned so many different techniques, and the best part is she really enjoyed learning everything he’s taught. He’s truly a wonderful musician and a great instructor. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Dianna Rawls

Gifted musician, equally gifted instructor!


We are truly grateful to Josh for his continued patience and outstanding methods in teaching our son to play acoustic guitar. He has kept our son motivated, engaged, and moving forward in his studies from day one.

Deborah Dauber

One of the Best Teachers I’ve Ever Had


Without guitar I wouldn’t be able to see the beauty of music as I do today, and that’s because of Josh. I’m sure many more would would agree. I am motivated by Josh not to give up playing guitar, and I don’t plan on stopping for a long time! He has been one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.

Jeremy Rodriguez