Instructor | Performer

Fantastic Guitar Teacher


Our son has been taking music lesson (guitar) from Josh for almost a year now. Our son has initially no interest in guitar. Last year, when our son played guitar in front of people, we thought that was a big deal for our him. We are thankful to Josh for that achievement!

Structured, yet Relaxed


My daughter has been taking guitar lessons with Josh for the past year and a half. His structured yet relaxed manner of teaching has allowed her to progress quickly. Josh’s enthusiasm towards teaching and constant encouragement have instilled my ten year old with a love of music and the guitar.

I would highly recommend Josh to others looking to learn an instrument!

Tiffany Loftus

Instant Connection with Guitar Lessons


My son has thoroughly enjoyed his guitar lessons with Josh Mills. When we first met Josh, my son instantly connected and liked him. Josh started out wanting to learn how to play guitar for the same reason my son wanted to learn – love of classic rock.

Great Instructor


Our son played the piano before and he had a great instructor that he liked. Last year he wanted to play the guitar and Josh Mills was recommended as instructor. We were doubtful that he would like playing the guitar but decided to give it a try. Josh turned out to be a great instructor and our son is really enjoy playing his guitar.