Photo by Kat Creekmore

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” -Albert Einstein

I have been teaching since 2009, and my goal is to create an environment for students that showcases the fun of playing music.  Over the course of my teaching experience, I have learned that the most important aspect of teaching is to follow a student’s passions.  Most students want to learn music written by pop stars and rock stars, so I began to transcribe songs by popular artists like The Beatles, Coldplay, Zac Brown Band, Michael Jackson, and Taylor Swift

Transcribing country, rock, and pop songs provides an opportunity discuss to larger theoretical topics like the difference between harmony and melody, different types of music notation, form, and improvisation.  Even though I transcribe songs by request for all of my students, I use these transcriptions alongside a standard curriculum.  While it is crucial that students learn the formal aspects of music, it should be based in a personal connection rather than academic expectations.

Throughout the duration of my pedagogy, I have attended the following schools to deepen my understanding of music and performing guitar:  Collin College, The University of San Antonio, and Southern Methodist University.  Initially a self-taught electric and acoustic guitarist, I have devoted my time to learning several styles which include jazz, blues, rock, metal, and classical.  I incorporate all of these styles into my teaching.

As a recipient of academic scholarships and institutional grants, I have taken the opportunity to perform in masterclasses with Jason Vieaux, Berta Rojas, Ricardo Cobo, Gabriel Bianco, and Bill Kanengiser.  In 2013, I graduated from UTSA with a Bachelor of Music degree in Classical Guitar Performance.  Similarly, in May 2016, I received my Master of Music degree from SMU.